As one of Style Italiano’s leading dentists, Dr Jordi Manauta has extensive experience whitening his patients’ teeth – as well as educating and advising on best practice. Dr. Jordi Manauta was born in Mexico City, where he graduated cum laude. in dentistry from UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica de México) and apprentice of Dr. Miguel Angel Tamés (Mexico) and Dr. Walter Devoto (Italy). He continued his postgraduate studies in Operative and Aesthetics Dentistry Master in UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) in Barcelona. He is visiting professor in the Siena and Marseille University.

Here he tells us about his 18 year journey with professional tooth whitening. From expensive and painful to comfortable with impressive results; find out how his treatment offering has transformed in the last year.

“Since using White Dental Beauty, sensitivity has reduced to virtually zero. It’s a way to keep my patients happy, healthy and smiling.”